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Food Waste Panel

A third of all food available for human consumption, roughly 1.3B tons per year, is wasted. The amount of food lost or wasted costs $2.6T annually and is more than enough to feed all the 815 million hungry people in the world - four times over. Climate experts have identified food waste as one of the top sustainability problems worldwide and the United Nations environment program has an ambitious goal of eliminating half of all food waste by 2030. Come join the HBS Food, Agriculture, and Water (FAW) club for a discussion around global food waste and its environmental impact.

Our panelists included:

Lily Herd (Operations Manager - reFED)

Sasha Purpura (Executive Director - Food For Free)

Ashlie Benson (Director of Impact - Agricycle Global)

moderated by David Havelick (Harvard Sustainability Manager)

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